CopyFX is a copy trading investment platform owned by RoboForex group.

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Cross-copying is a unique system created for CopyFX Investors and Traders, which allows them to expand opportunities for cooperation.

What’s in it for Investors?

Investors’ activity is no longer limited to the participants with the same account types: the cross-copying system allows to subscribe to the account of any Trader.

Why is it profitable for Traders?

The cross-copying system allows Traders to attract new subscribers and receive more commission for copied transactions, and thus, gain more profit.

Conditions of subscription in the cross-copying system

The cross-copying system provides the opportunity to correctly connect Investor’s account to Trader’s account, even if their accounts are of different types. The scheme of cross-copying is displayed in the table below:

Investors' accounts

ECN-Pro Affiliate
ECN-Pro Affiliate

- there are no limitations for copying transactions.
- when copying transactions, Investor is exposed to risks associated with differences in types of spread, margin requirements, etc.

What will happen if an account type of a Trader you are subscribed to is different from yours?

Trading conditions for different account types may differ, for example values of spreads, commissions, and maximum leverage, along with sets of various trading instruments. As a result, the following things may happen:

  • Eventually, there will be differences in trading results even if deposits of a Trader and an Investor were the same.
  • Some transactions of a Trader won’t be copied to an Investor’s account.

Special aspects of copying procedure between standard and Prime accounts

For example, an Investors with a Prime account subscribes to a Trader with a Pro-Standard account. In this case, an Investor’s account has no access to a trading instrument that is used by a Trader, hence this transaction won’t be copied.

When an Investor with a professional Prime account copies transactions, prices in most cases are significantly better than in transactions of a Trader with a standard account. However, an Investor with such account type will be charged with additional expenses due to a broker’s commission for trading volume, which is not applied to a Trader’s account type.

Special aspects of copying procedure between cent and standard accounts

When transactions are copied from standard to cent account, their volume in standard lots will be copied in cent lots. In this case, the volume will be divided by 100. If transactions are copied in the opposite direction (from cent to standard accounts), the volume copied by an Investor will be multiplied by 100.

For example, a Trader has 10,000 US cents (100 USD) on their account. The first subscriber uses a cent account with 20,000 US cents, while the second one – a standard account 20,000 USD. Both subscribers have chosen a proportional copying mode. A Trader’s transaction of 1 cent lot will be copied as 2 cent lots to the first subscriber’s account and as 2 standard lots (200 cent lots) to the second subscriber’s account.

Choose the suitable account type on "Account Types" page of our website. You can read more about account types on RoboForex website.

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