CopyFX is a copy trading investment platform owned by RoboForex group.
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The following restrictions are applied to the CopyFX participants:


1. Commission restrictions for "Trader on commission" scheme

The Trader is paid the commission only for the transactions, where the Investor’s profit is more that the total sum of the commission.

2. Commission restrictions for "Trader on profit" scheme

The Trader is paid the commission only if the difference between the Investor’s profit and loss for the transactions copied during the investment period is positive.

3. Restriction for the number of the accounts

A Trader is allowed to have not more than 100 Trader accounts.

4. Restrictions for changing the subscription conditions

The subscription conditions may be changed once every 24 hours Updated conditions of the subscription come into effect next Mondays after the date the conditions were changed if the changes were made from Monday to Friday, or the Monday after the next if the changes were made at the weekend.