Forex trading may lead to loss of full or partial investments.
CopyFX is a copy trading investment system.
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Volume Fee

What are you: use this scheme of cooperation if you’re a beginner trader with an MT4 account and trade mostly short-term.

Your profit: according to this scheme of cooperation, you receive a fixed commission for each profitable transaction copied from your account.

Calculation of your profit: 

<Commission> = <Volume of profitable transactions closed over the trading session> * <The current commission rate>

When will you receive your profit:

The commission is written off from the Investor’s account and transferred to yours when:

  • The investment period is over. The commission is paid on Saturday at 1:00 AM server time.
  • The Investors cancels the subscription. The commission is transferred several minutes after the subscription is cancelled.

Your guarantees: Investor is not allowed to withdraw your commission or transfer it to other trading account.

Your restrictions:

  • You are allowed to edit the subscription conditions not more often than once a day.
  • Be careful when specifying the minimum deposit: this amount should be enough for the Investors subscribed to you for maintaining positions copied from your account.
  • The commission for copied transactions cannot be less than 1 USD and more than 10 USD.
  • Only closed transactions are taken into account when calculating your commission
  • You will not receive commission for transactions, if the profit for these transactions is less or equal to the value of commission.

Trader without commission

This scheme is available to Traders with MT4 accounts and MT5/R StocksTrader accounts with the hedging position accounting model. "Trader without commission" scheme is good for beginner traders or new users of the platform, who want to get new subscribers fast and stand out against their competitors. Having started trading as a Trader without commission and earned loyalty of Investors, you’ll be able to continue operating at CopyFX and receive real profit.