CopyFX is a copy trading investment platform owned by RoboForex group.
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You have decided to become the CopyFX Investors and don’t know where to start? This section contains major aspects of your operations along with answers to the frequently asked questions.

To learn more about the platform specific features and your role, go to "Help" section.

How to become an Investor in CopyFX:

1 You open a trading account and deposit funds to it.

2 The Investor subscribes to the Trader’s account.

3 The transactions from the Trader’s account are copied to the Investor’s one.

4 The Trader receives his/her commission (this step is not applicable for Traders without commission).

5 The profit made during the period of the offer (minus the commission transferred to the Trader’s account) remains on the Investor’s account.

This may be useful for an Investor:

How to open an account?

If you already have a RoboForex Members Area, you can use any trading account opened in MT4 and MT5 platforms, except for MT5 accounts with a netting model, to make investments on the CopyFX platform.

If you are not the Company's client yet, you have to register a Members Area and open any type of MT4/MT5-based trading account, except for MT5 accounts with a netting model.

What type of account can I open?

Account types available for investing in CopyFX platform: ProCent, Pro, ECN, Prime, Pro-Affiliate, ECN Affiliate, Cent Affiliate. Please note that your trading account has to be opened in MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 platform.

More detailed information about account types can be found on "Account Types" page.

How do I choose a Trader?

When choosing a Trader, you’re recommended to pay attention to the following:

1. Trader’s profitability index. The level of Trader’s professionalism and competence is directly proportional to his/her earnings stability.

2. Trader’s activity. Wise and responsible trader doesn’t leave his/her "workplace" for more than one week.

3. Trader’s trading style. The more aggressive the trader is, the more likely that he/she might lose a considerable part of invested funds.

4. Number of Trader’s subscribers. It indicates the amount of subscribers, who trusts in his/her abilities and consider him/her a reliable partner.

How to subscribe to the Trader?

To subscribe your Investor account to the account of some Trader, go to "Traders rating" page in "Investments" section of your Members Area. In the rating table, you can use different filters to find the Traders, who match your criteria better than the others.

You can either subscribe to their accounts immediately by clicking "+" in the particular field (if the Trader specified the subscription mode as "Free") or learn more about them first by clicking their name in the table.

The MT5 Traders rating is available in the Members Area.

More detailed information about how to subscribe to the Trader can be found on "How to connect to Trader" page.

How do I manage my subscriptions?

You can manage your subscriptions in "CopyFX Settings" section of your Members Area, where there is a complete list of all active subscriptions. You may subscribe to several Traders at the same time, as well as unsubscribe from those Traders, who are no longer interesting to you.

More detailed information about how to manage your subscriptions can be found on "Managing the subscription" page.

When is the Trader’s commission is written off from my account?

The commission for the transactions you copied is transferred to the Trader’s account when:

  • The investment period specified by the Trader is over. The commission is paid to their account on Saturday at 1:00 AM server time.
  • You cancel the subscription. The commission is written off several minutes after the subscription is cancelled.
  • You transfer/withdraw funds from your account before the investment period is over. The commission written off several minutes after you perform a balance operation.

After the commission is written off, the rest of your profit remains on your account.

How do I withdraw profit?

You can withdraw the profit from your account on "Withdrawal" page of your Members Area. Please pay attention to withdrawal conditions described on "Limitations" page.