Forex trading may lead to loss of full or partial investments.
CopyFX is a copy trading investment system.
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Types of CopyFX accounts

CopyFX offers Traders and Investors the opportunity to choose from several types of accounts. On this page, beginner traders can find the answer to the question: what type of account should I choose to open?

2 basic types of CopyFX accounts

Cent accounts

The reasons why you should
open a cent account:

  • If you want or can afford to invest in trading or copying transactions only relatively small amounts of money.
  • You want to try trading in real market conditions or validate the conditions offered by CopyFX against your expectations.

Pro accounts

The reasons why you should open
open a Pro-account:

  • You want to earn more money from trading and copying transactions.
  • You understand all the advantages of "Market execution" mode.
  • You want to invest in one of the traders from Rating, who trades on a standard account.

Unique opportunities for CopyFX users

CopyFX allows Investors and Traders to expand opportunities for cooperation by means of the cross copying system. The system provides Investors with the opportunity to subscribe to Trader’s account even if their accounts are of different types.

You can read more about the conditions of subscription within the framework of the cross copying system on the corresponding page of our website.