Forex trading may lead to loss of full or partial investments.
CopyFX is a copy trading investment system.
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Subscription conditions

The subscription conditions are the set of basic parameters of your offer to CopyFX investors. The subscription conditions are specified when the Trader’s account is opened and may be changed during the trading process in the platform.

Extra Settings



Commission scheme

  • Volume Fee
  • Performance Fee
  • Subscription Fee
  • Trader without commission

With the "Volume Fee" scheme a Trader specifies the fixed rate of the commission they receive for each profitable transaction copied by the Investor.

With the "Performance Fee" scheme a Trader specifies the fixed percentage of the Investor’s total profit for all transactions they copied.

With the "Subscription Fee" scheme a Trader specifies the fixed amount range of the commission they receive once a week if the Investor has an overall positive result from copying deals.



  • Commission for a lot (1 - 10 USD)
  • Commission percentage (5 - 50%)
  • Fixed commission (5 USD - 100 USD)

"Commission for a lot" is specified within the "Volume Fee" scheme, "Commission percentage" within the "Performance Fee" scheme, and "Fixed commission" within the "Subscription Fee" scheme .


Investment period

  • 1 week
  • 2 weeks
  • 4 weeks

Investment period is a period, after which you receive commission from Investors. All payments are made from 1:00 AM Saturday server time, but within the "Subscription Fee" scheme the commission is calculated on Sunday night and transferred on Monday.


Start of the period

  • Date

This parameter indicates when your offer will be available for Investors.


Affiliate program

  • Payout percentage (10 - 90%)

To read more about trader's affiliate program, visit the corresponding page of our website.


  1. The subscription conditions may be changed once a day (24 hours) at any time and day of the week, except for the period from 11:00 PM Friday to 12:00 AM Saturday server time.
  2. Updated conditions of the subscription come into effect on Mondays. If the conditions were changed during the weekend (Saturday, Sunday), they come into effect one Monday after.
  3. Extra settings may be set only after the main conditions are specified. They can be сhanged at any moment but not more often than once an hour and come into effect immediately.
  4. You can’t stop Investors from copying transactions from your account, but under certain conditions your account may be excluded from Rating:
  • You haven’t specified main subscription conditions when opening your account.
  • You chose "By request" in "Subscription mode" field, but didn’t tick "Show in the Rating" checkbox.
  • Your account balance is less than 50% of the limitations for creating new offers set by the system.