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In this section, you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. We hope that the information below will be useful and save you time.

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  1. Can Investor copy Trader’s transactions without installing trading terminal?

    Yes, it is possible. If the subscription to the Trader’s account is active, all operation on the Investor’s account are performed automatically irrespective of whether they have the trading platform installed or not.

  2. Will I lose my funds if Trader’s positions are non-profitable?

    Investor makes decision which Trader to choose and, consequently, remains fully responsible for losing the funds in case Trader’s positions are non-profitable.

  3. What is the minimum deposit required for subscription to the Trader?

    The minimum deposit parameter value is set by the Trader when they specify the subscription conditions to their account. The minimum parameter value is 100 USD.

  4. Do I have to pay Trader a commission for transactions I opened on my account by myself?

    No, you don’t. Trader is not supposed to receive any commission for such transactions.

  5. May I use the same account to subscribe to several Traders?

    Yes, you can. Investor can use one account to subscribe to several Traders, but the number of subscriptions can’t be more than 10. Also, the Investor has to take into account the amount of the Equity on their account, which has to exceed the total sum of the minimum deposits required by all Traders the Investor is subscribed to.

  6. How to cancel the subscription to the Trader’s account?

    The subscription to the Trader’s account may be cancelled in the Investor’s Members Area. When the subscription is cancelled, the system calculates the commission for all closed transactions copied from the Trader, which weren’t included in the calculations for the previous periods. More detailed information about how to cancel the subscription can be found on "Managing the subscriptions" page of our website.

  7. Can I open several accounts for investments?

    Yes, you can. The maximum number of accounts for subscriptions to Traders is not limited.

  8. Why can’t I subscribe to the Trader?

    There might be several reasons.

    1. Make sure that you’ve chosen the appropriate account type in the right panel in your Members Area.

    Any MT4-based account can be used for subscribing to traders except for "CopyFX Trader" and affiliate accounts. You can also use MT5 and R StocksTrader accounts with a hedging model.

    2. Make sure that you have sufficient Equity on your account to connect to a Trader.

    The Equity value can’t be less than the minimum deposit specified by the Trader.

    3. Make sure that the Trader accepted your subscription request.

    If you subscribe to the Trader with "By request" subscription mode, they have an opportunity to reject your request or consider it whenever convenient to them. Check your email box: if there is no message with rejection then your request is still under consideration.

  9. Must the leverage of Trader’s and my trading accounts match each other?

    The leverage values on the Trader’s and the Investor’s accounts may differ, and when subscribing to the Trader, the Investor should take into account this factor along with the base currency of the Trader’s account.

  10. Why can’t withdraw profit from my account?

    It seems like you are trying to withdraw the commission, which is reserved for payments to a Trader. Unfortunately, these funds aren’t available for withdrawals or transfers.

  11. What is a proportional copying mode?

    The general principle of "Proportional" copying mode involves the dynamic definition of the transaction volume copied to the Investor’s account based on the ratio between the funds on the Trader’s and the Investor’s accounts at the moment the transaction is performed.

    CopyFX automatically defines the copied volume for each transaction, thus allowing Investors to manage their subscriptions more effectively and precisely.

    In the first place, this copying mode is suitable for those Investors, who often change the amount of their own funds used for trading (deposit their accounts or withdraw funds from them), or for the Investors, who are subscribed to the Traders, who quite often do the same. You can read more about "Proportional" copying mode on "How to connect to Trader" page of our website.

  12. What is “Pause“ mode?

    "Pause" mode allows Investors to put the procedure of copying a Trader’s transactions to their account on hold. All positions copied prior to that moment will remain open and an Investors will still be displayed as an active subscriber of this Trader.

    More information about "Pause" mode can be found on "Subscription management" page.

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