Forex trading may lead to loss of full or partial investments.
CopyFX is a copy trading investment system.
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What is a proportional copying mode?

The general principle of "Proportional" copying mode involves the dynamic definition of the transaction volume copied to the Investor’s account based on the ratio between the funds on the Trader’s and the Investor’s accounts at the moment the transaction is performed.

CopyFX automatically defines the copied volume for each transaction, thus allowing Investors to manage their subscriptions more effectively and precisely.

In the first place, this copying mode is suitable for those Investors, who often change the amount of their own funds used for trading (deposit their accounts or withdraw funds from them), or for the Investors, who are subscribed to the Traders, who quite often do the same. You can read more about "Proportional" copying mode on "How to connect to Trader" page of our website.