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CopyFX website contains much useful information about Investors and Traders. The main sources of this information are the Investor's and Trader's cards. We've already told you about the Trader's Card in details, but the Investor's Card still remains a puzzle for many users of the system. So, which useful and interesting things does it hide?

In fact, everything is very simple: in these cards, Investors share some unique information about themselves – their investment plans. Today we'd like to tell about how to read these plans and where to get necessary information.


Considering the amount of information, its actuality, and how it is displayed, the Investor's Card is barley different from the Trader's one. It contains the profitability and drawdown levels, transaction results, and many other things.

The most valuable information contained here is about the Investor's subscriptions. Viewing the history of subscriptions, you can sort out those Traders, who made the most profit for the Investor. The history of the Investor's subscriptions can be found in "Subscriptions & Favorites" section, probably the most important section of the Investor's Card.

First of all, let's analyze the information here. In case of the Traders, who closed their offers and no longer trade, only their general information is displayed – their total profitability for open and closed transactions in pips. You can also go the Trader's Card right from here, all you have to do is to click on his unique name.

As a matter of fact, the Traders without offers are not the goal of our search, because it's much more useful to follow the Traders who are active. The blocks with their offers are more detailed, and, besides profitability, contain the basic information about the current offer. In addition to that, you can go to the Trader's "thread" on the Forum, where you can find more detailed information about the offer, ask questions, and read other users' comments.

You can subscribe to the Trader's offer right from here, by clicking on "Invest". You won't need to make any additional actions, such as to look for the Traders in the Rating and go to his Card. The basic principle here is "I came, I saw, I subscribed".

And what is the basis for this choice? The parameters provided here can be considered as the key information, which may help you to weigh all pros and cons before making the decision. Some Investors may be attracted by the high profitability of the offer along with low risk, others pay attention to the profit of the Investors subscribed to the offer, and the rest may prefer the Traders on commission. The main point here is that you'll have the opportunity not just to choose, but to make your decision reasonable.


Thanks to the information you can learn from the Investor's Card, it's easy to follow his investment style and analyze it.

Investment style or strategy is the procedure, according to which the Investor manages his invested funds. Investment methods can be analyzed by several tools at once.

The Traders' trading style

The information about trading styles of the Traders the Investor is subscribed to now or subscribes more often is very significant. There are Traders, who trade with high risk and high (but not always) profitability, and there are those, whose trading results are more stable, but not as high.

If the Investor is successful and receives profit, one should check what kind of Traders helped him: "risky" or "stable".

Comparative analysis of subscriptions

You can see into this matter as a whole, of course if the Investor subscribed to the Traders with different trading styles. The following numbers should be taken into account: the profit received from the Traders with risky strategies, the profit received from the Traders with stable strategies, how often the Investor subscribes to one or another type of the Traders, possible changes of the Investor's preferences, etc.

Traders with different account types and commission schemes

Some Investors may be interested in trading styles and profitability of the Traders with different account types and commission schemes. What is better to choose: a cent account with the commission in % or a standard account with fixed commission? The answers to these questions can be found in the Investor's Card by analyzing his profit from the offers he subscribed to.


The Traders also can use the Investor's Card for analysis, but in their case it is the analysis of the demand to different types of trading strategies. What trading styles or account types attract more Investors and why – the questions may be different, but the answers can be found in the information provided by the Investors.

You may want to make experiments and change your trading strategy for some period of time. It's not only about your trading strategy, but your commission schemes, account types, and the profit received by the Investors from your trading activity.

The information published on CopyFX website is interesting for all user of the system, and the Investor's Card is no exception. So don't miss the opportunity to benefit from accessing this information.

We wish you successful trading with CopyFX system!