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MetaTrader4 is considered one of the most popular trading terminals for a reason. The platform has a wide range of functional capabilities and a user-friendly interface. It has a lot of advantages, but not all traders know how to use them.

Today we’re going to talk about the secrets and useful features that are hidden in MetaTrader4 platform. Believe me, they may prove to be very useful!

One-Click Trading

One Click Trading feature makes managing your orders much easier and is perfect for those Traders, whose trading strategies require opening lots of orders.

It allows you to set the parameters of your order just once, and after that, you open and close transactions using these parameters by a single mouse click. In addition to that, One Click Trading allows you to open and close transactions right from the chart of the trading instrument.

How may this feature help you in trading?

First, the time required for opening orders is decreased, thus helping you to enter the market more accurately.

Second, after enabling this feature on the chart of the particular currency pair, the Trader can continue working with other trading instruments.

Third, the confirmation window of order opening with One Click Trading is much smaller than usual "Order" window. This may be very helpful to the Traders, who’d like to use every bit of their monitor screens, for example, those, who trade "on the news".

Speed, frequency, precision, saving of time – the advantages of this feature are obvious. There is a good reason that in the latest versions of MetaTrader4 One Click Trading feature is embedded into the platform and available for all users after installation.

By the way, preparation for use of One Click Trading feature also takes just several mouse clicks. Just right mouse click the open chart of the trading instrument and select "One Click Trading" from the context menu.

Managing pending orders and Stop Loss & Take Profit levels

MetaTrader4 terminal also supports simple and, thus, faster managing Sell Limit & Buy Limit pending orders and Stop Loss & Take Profit levels as well.

"Simple managing" means that you can place these types of orders right on the chart. Choose the price of the asset on the chart, right mouse click, and then click the type of order you need in the pop up window.

The advantage of this method is that you can place and modify your pending orders without any additional windows and parameters. Of course, all this happens in online mode.

Pending orders are modified by moving the levels of orders up or down with the help of the mouse right on the chart. And it takes just one or two seconds!

The same principle is used for Stop Loss & Take Profit levels – you can modify them with just a single mouse movement. You can place levels, change parameters, remove levels right from the chart. All you need is careful calculation, fast reaction, and the right mouse button.

Thanks to these advantages, you can increase both the speed and efficiency of your trading.

MQL5 signals

Trading signals in MetaTrader4 terminal is a service that allows you to copy transactions made by other traders.

The service is similar to CopyFX, system of copying transactions. If you have a MQL5 account, you can connect to thousands of traders, who sell their trading signals, and make money thanks to their successful trading.

Or vice versa, you can become a signals provider and receive monthly commission for your successful trading operations.

If you have a MT4 account of any forex broker, the service allows you to connect the traders database from all over the world. In this case, CopyFX users have a tremendous advantage. Just imaging that you can receive additional profit in two systems of copying transactions using just one trading account!

Two sources of profit = double income!

We’ll tell more about MQL5 signals and provide detailed instructions how to enable this service in one of our future articles.

In this article, we tried to "lift the curtain" over MetaTrader4 functional capabilities, about which some of Traders have no idea. We’re hoping that this knowledge will help you to trade with CopyFX more efficiently and attract new Investors.

We wish you successful trading with CopyFX system!