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Today we'll try to cover all moments and nuances, which are connected with the process of attracting Investors for copying your transactions. You can ask - "Why do I need this?" The answer is simple – "Profit!" Additional profit that can increase the amount of your funds along with the profit from your own trading.

Everything is very simple. For example, you earn 100 USD for a transaction. The conditions of your offer say your commission is 20%. In this case, only 5 Investors, who copy your transactions, can give you the same 100 USD of additional profit! It's not bad, is it? And what if this number is not 5, but 10 or 100? Who can resist such amount of additional profit?!

Now it's time to consider the ways of attracting Investors for copying your transactions.

Attracting Investors inside CopyFX system

First, let's consider the tools for promoting the Trader's account, which are offered by CopyFX system itself.


Accounts of all Traders registered in CopyFX system are displayed in the Rating of the system. This is exactly the tool, which is used by Investors to choose Traders to subscribe to by analyzing the data from different accounts. The Rating includes many filters to help Investors to find the suitable account to copy transactions from.

If you want to make the Rating system an active tool for promoting your account, you have to maintain positive trading statistics. Most Investors pay attention to different data categories, that's why you can "improve" not all of your numbers at the same time, but only some of them, which are the most important. Or, for example, you can change the commission scheme in your next offer just to see the difference between them.

To get more detailed information about the Trader's account and his trading statistics, Investors use the Trader's Card. We told about such Cards in one of our previous articles.


The most profitable Traders accounts are included in our weekly mailing. Imagine that your account and statistics are seen by not only Investors, who visit the Rating system page, but by all CopyFX users, who are included in our mailing list! Your chances to attract new subscribers will increase significantly, even if your account was included in the mailing just once. You have to admit, that it is a good motivation to maintain the high profitability level.


Each Trader, when setting the parameters of the offer (in other words, when creating the offer) is granted his personal "thread" on RoboForex forum. The link to this "thread" is displayed both in the Trader's Card and Live Account, so it's an easy job for Investors to find it.

On the forum, Traders and Investors can communicate, ask each other questions, and share their opinions. Communication process this close can help you not only to attract new subscribers, but to keep those you've already attracted as well.


However, you can find Investors not only inside CopyFX system! Your possible options are much more than you think, because for attracting new subscribers you can use different external resources, such as:


We all have several profiles in different social networks. But sometimes we forget that this communication channel can also be used for attracting subscribers in order to receive additional profit.

Each Trader's Card has social network plugins, which can help him to share the Card in social networks. If you're an active participant of the Traders' and Investors' community, you can use this opportunity and show your trading results to a larger audience!

And all the "likes" you get while promoting your Card can inspire Investors to make the right decision when choosing the offer to subscribe to.


In this case, it's even simpler. The more active you are on Forex and traders' resources, the more "visible" you are to the audience you "hunt". These resources are easy to find, all you have to do is to make a right search query. Don't be lazy to create a couple of social accounts, and then go for it, find new subscribers!

Besides discussions about brokers and trading strategies, you can find those, who are interested in copying your transactions, in other words – your potential subscribers. In addition to that, CopyFX system provides you with another tool: widgets (they can be found in your Trader's Card). Add the widget with your profitability to one of your comments or the signature, and Investors are sure to notice you.


If you are really serious about "promoting" your account and trading results, proud of your trading strategy and ready to discuss it – it's even better to start your own blog or even website. Especially since there are many free-of-charge services that offer to create this type of interactive platforms. Use search engine optimization approach and you'll have the whole world of potential subscribers.


The answer to this question is very simple – to receive more profit. CopyFX system provides you with all opportunities for attracting as many Investors as possible. It's up to you to decide whether to use them or not.

Anyway, we're waiting for you at CopyFX and wish you successful trading!