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A Trader is a person, who traders on the Forex market. A successful trader is a professional, who makes a regular profit and for whom trading is the main source of income. If you’re confident enough and ready to earn more, you can add to your income for profitable transactions an additional profit for your knowledge and experience. Join CopyFX as a Trader.

How to become a Trader in CopyFX:

1 Open a Trader account and deposit it.

2 Create an Offer and start trading. The results of your trading activity are shown in the rating table.

3 Your profitability will help you to attract subscribers (Investors).

4 You receive your commission (this step is not applicable for Traders without commission).

This may be useful for a Trader:

How do I choose the way of receiving commission?

CopyFX offers you two ways of receiving commission: a commission for each profitable transaction or a fixed percentage of the total profit made during the period of the Offer. The most important thing is that in both cases you do not lose any additional funds from your personal trading account. Also, you have an opportunity to work as a Trader without commission and attract new subscribers thanks to considerable competitive advantage (no commission).

More detailed information can be found on "Trader on commission" and "Trader of profit" pages.

How do I open a Trader account?

In order to become a CopyFX Trader, you need to register in your CopyFX Members Area as a "Trader on commission", "Trader on profit", or "Trader without commission". After registration, you can create new Offer and start trading.

More detailed information can be found on "For Trader" page.

What type of account can I open?

CopyFX offers you the following types of accounts: Fix-Cent, Pro-Cent, Fix-Standard, Pro-Standard, ECN-FixSpread, ECN-Pro, Pro-Affiliate.

More detailed information about account types can be found on "Account Types" page and on RoboForex website.

What is the Offer?

Offer is a formal agreement with Investor created by Trader. Conditions of the offer are specified by the Trader and defines the scheme of cooperation, the amount of commission and the way it is transferred to Trader’s account, the starting date and the period of the offer, and a short description of the Trader’s trading strategy.

After Investors subscribe to the Trader’s offer, they start copying his/her transactions to their accounts until the period of the offer is over. To attract new Investors, the Trader has to create a new Offer.

More detailed information can be found on "Help" page.

How do I create an Offer?

New Offer can be created in your Members Area, in "CopyFX settings – Creation of the offer" section.

More detailed information can be found on "Creation of the offer" page.

How do I attract Investors?

Your activity and results of your trading are displayed in "Rating" table, which is a major source of information for Investors when choosing the Trader. First of all, they pay attention to your profitability index, trading activity, and the number of subscribers. If you want to show yourself as a wise and reliable Trader, don’t stop trading on CopyFX accounts for a long period of time.

When and how will I receive commission for my work?

If you’re a Trader on commission, your commission will be transferred to your account at the end of each day (only if you close at least one profitable transaction on that day).

If you’re a Trader on profit, then you’ll receive a fixed percentage of the total profit the next day after the Offer is over.

If you’re a Trader without commission, you don’t receive any commission for transactions copied from your account.

More detailed information can be found on "Trader on commission" and "Trader of profit" pages.

What is the Trader’s affiliate program?

The Trader’s affiliate program is an opportunity to increase the number of subscribers to your offers. Other CopyFX participants can get the affiliate link, which is used for attracting Investors directly to your offer. You will pay your partners some part of the commission you received from the Investors they attracted.

Your benefit lies in the growth of the number of subscribers and their loyalty in the future, along with the following increase in profit from operation in CopyFX platform.

The affiliate program is customized for each offer separately. This option is already available in the offer creation form in your Members Area.