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Experience has proven that a communication between Traders and Investors within the framework of different copying systems is next to nothing, because the main thing here is to copy profitable transactions that increase your account balance. However, a strong communication channel can help Investors more than they expect. Today we'd like to tell you about how and where you can communicate with CopyFX Traders in order to make your operation in the system more profitable.


We hold to the opinion that, in many cases the process of copying transactions doesn't yield the desired results and quite often these results might be much better. To change the situation for the better, we offer Traders and Investors several opportunities for a constant information exchange.

The participants of the system can use the following platforms for communication:

RoboForex forum

Each Trader has an open forum thread, where he posts information about the current conditions of subscribing to his account, and where each participant of the system can answer any questions or elaborate any details.

It is the easiest way to contact Traders, learn details of their trading strategies, or get necessary information.

Exterior forums and traders communities

Many CopyFX Traders try to attract Investors not only inside the system, but in other popular Forex traders communities, which are very easy to find.

Each Trader has his own preferences and visits the platforms, which are more convenient to him. The Trader you're interested in might be especially active on such websites, that's why they may be the best platform to communicate with him.

CopyFX blog

CopyFX blog also offers Traders and Investors to contact each other. You can always comment any article using your social network account. This way of communication between many Traders and Investors can provide them with a lot of useful information.


After finding the platform and the Traders you'd like to talk to, the question is what information you want to get from him. Listen to yourself and don't be afraid to ask any questions, even if they seem very trivial. The conventional wisdom says: "It doesn't hurt to ask", and the information you receive may help you to get a better impression about your conversation partner.

If you don't know what to start with, here are several topics to talk to Traders about:

Trader's offer

All details of the offer, including the Trader's trading strategy, can and must be learned directly from him. After all, these forecasts and predictions, and not the Investor's preferences, will define his trading activity within the framework of the offer. That's why it's important from the very beginning that Investors and Traders should have quite similar trading plans.

It is also a good practice to contact the Trader before subscribing to his offer in order to find out all details of the offer and consult him about the best suitable subscription mode, including the required account balance.

Trading strategies

Questions about the Trader's trading strategies may be both quite wide and very detailed. You can learn about how long the Trader uses this strategy, how profitable the strategy was in the past, or if he has any other trading tactics.

You can go deeper into the subject and discuss some technical moment how the Trader uses his strategy, ask for advice about the required Equity on your account or about how many orders the Trader opens according to this strategy, etc.

Field-related questions

Being a beginner Investor, you can be unaware of some common factors of trading and market movement, whereas the Trader is a professional, which knows all these things much better. Don't be shy to ask him question about how, when, and, which currency pairs he trades, etc.

Just like in any other trading process, Forex trading skills are developed by practice and experience, which you can learn from communication with CopyFX Traders.

Any communication is the key to success. Don't be afraid to tell about position your and ask any questions that are interesting for you. The more often and actively Traders and Investors communicate and exchange information, the more chances you'll get to increase your profit.

We wish you successful trading with CopyFX system!