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CopyFX adds new features to the cross-copying system

26.08.2019 / 17:41

Dear Traders and Investors,

For your convenience, CopyFX adds new subscription features in the platform. From now on, you have an opportunity to use standard accounts to subscribe to cent ones and vice versa within the frameworks of the cross-copying system and copy transactions without any restrictions to account types.

Why is it good for Investors?

Investors with standard accounts can subscribe to any Trader with a cent one and copy their transaction despite different account types they have.

Why is it good for Traders?

Traders can increase the number of their subscribers and receive more profit for the transactions copied from them.

Aspects of copying between cent and standard accounts

If you copy a transaction from a standard account to a cent one, its volume will be copied in cent lots, meaning that the volume will be divided by 100. If transactions are copied in the opposite direction, the volume will be multiplied by 100.

For example, a Trader has 10,000 US cents (100 USD) and two subscribers want to copy transactions from this Trader. The first subscriber uses a cent account with 20,000 US cents, while the second one – a standard account with 20,000 USD. Both subscribers have chosen a proportional copying mode. A Trader’s transaction of 1 cent lot will be copied as 2 cent lots to the first subscriber’s account and as 2 standard lots (200 cent lots) to the second subscriber’s account.

The complete scheme of how the cross-copying system works can be found in the table.

Investor's accounts


- there are no limitations for copying transactions.

 - when copying transactions, Investor is exposed to risks associated with differences in types of spread, margin requirements, etc.

 - according to the rules of CopyFX, copying transactions is not available.