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24.12.2015 / 15:56

Dear Traders and Investors!

We would like to inform you that from December 22nd, 2015 the principle of forming the Rating on the CopyFX system has changed. Now the CopyFX Rating will display only participants who meet the following requirements: the balance of their account must be at least 50% of the minimum amount necessary to create or subscribe to an offer.

Why will these changes come in handy for both the Traders and the Investors?


Reducing the search time for active and successful Traders

It has also become easier to find gainful investment strategies or traders, to provide its subscribers with the most profit.


Actual and "live" accounts in Investor Ratings

Now, the system eliminates all inactive accounts and thus allows you to more accurately understand what the size of your potential profits can be.

With the updated system users will be able to make better use of the CopyFX Rating and use it to improve the results of their trading.

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