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Results of "$1,000 from CopyFX" offer

26.01.2015 / 13:42

Dear Traders and Investors!

During the whole December, we received Traders’ applications to participate in "$1000 from CopyFX" offer, the results of which we’d like to share with all participants of CopyFX transaction copying system.

$717,000 were given

During the period of the offer, 717 traders became our participants, and each of them received $1,000 from CopyFX. A total of more than 3,000 traders submitted applications to join the offer.

Withdraw profit - it’s real!

Thus far, one of our participants fulfilled all the conditions and received the opportunity to withdraw profit from his account as well as $1,000 he had been given. Several more participants are very close to be able to withdraw $1,000 as well as the profit they made.

This proves again that anyone can join the offer, make a big trading volume and profit, and thus succeed.

Well-deserved payments from Investors

The total sum of payments made in favor of profitable Traders from Investors, who subscribed to their accounts during the period of the offer, equals several thousand dollars, which have already been transferred to Traders’ accounts.

We remind all Traders, who received $1,000 from CopyFX, that despite the fact that the period of the offer is over, they can continue trading using this money, attract new Investors, and withdraw commission received for the transactions copied from their accounts.

The staff of CopyFX would like to thank all participants of the offer and hopes that they will be interested in other offers of our project in the future.