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CopyFX simplifies principle of subscriptions to Traders’ accounts

22.08.2019 / 09:21


Dear Traders and Investors,

Another stage of CopyFX investment platform development is an opportunity to subscribe to the platform’s Traders using any MT4-based trading account.

From now on, anyone, who wants to invest, has an opportunity to do it. All they have to do is to open an MT4 account, deposit the minimum required sum of money, choose the best Trader from the rating, and stat copying their transactions!

This innovation will allow Traders to increase the number of subscribers thanks to addition of potential Investors

Join CopyFX right now:

Open new accountDeposit funds
and copy transactions

Please note, that along with this innovation, the platform’s existing accounts of “CopyFX Investor” type will be transferred to the category of regular MT4 accounts.

Copying Traders’ transactions is available on any MT4-based account (cent, standard, and ECN), except accounts of “Trader” type and internal Wallets.

CopyFX team