Forex trading may lead to loss of full or partial investments.
CopyFX is a copy trading investment system.
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What information is displayed in the Rating?

"Rating" section displays all information necessary for Investors, which may help them to make a reasonable choice of the Trader to subscribe to.

Rating displays the following statistical data of each Trader*:

  • Yield/Profit: in percent, pips, and USD

    The basic formula how to calculate yield can be found in "Ratings" section of our website. The Yield in pips for one transaction is calculated on the basis of the yield in pips for EURUSD transaction of 1 lot, which produces the same profit in USD as the original transaction.

    Profit calculation formula:

    <Yield> = <Profit from original transaction in USD> / <Price of 1 pip of EURUSD> (10 USD).

  • Maximum drawdown.

    Maximum drawdown of Equity on Trader’s account against this account balance in percent.

    Calculation formula:

    -((balance - equity) / balance) * 100%

  • Period of trading.

    Number of days passed since the Trader’s registration in CopyFX (excluding weekends: Saturdays and Sundays).

  • Balance.

    Trader’s account balance (in currency of their account).

  • Number of transactions.

    The number of the Trader’s open and closed transactions since they registered.

  • Investors.

    The number of Investors currently subscribed to the Trader and the total balance of their accounts.

* - At the moment, only the Traders with MT4 accounts appear in the Rating on CopyFX website.