CopyFX es una plataforma de inversión por copy trading propiedad del grupo RoboForex.
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Trader a beneficio

What are you: use this scheme of cooperation if you’re an experienced and self-confident trader able to manage trading risks involved and your trading results in the mid- and long-term are stable.

Your profit: according to this scheme, you receive the percentage of the total profit made by your subscriber (the Investor) for all transactions copied from your account during the investment period.

Calculation of your profit:

<Commission> = (<Total profit for all transactions> - <Swaps for all transactions> - <Commissions for ECN-Pro accounts only>) * <The current commission percentage>

When will you receive your profit:

The commission is written off from the Investor’s account and transferred to yours when:

  • The investment period is over. The commission is paid on Saturday at 1:00 AM server time.
  • The Investors cancels the subscription. The commission is transferred several minutes after the subscription is cancelled.
  • The Investor transfers/withdraws funds from their account before the investment period is over. The commission is transferred several minutes after the Investor performs a balance operation.

Your guarantees:Investor is not allowed to withdraw your commission or transfer it to other trading account.

Your opportunities: both profitable and non-profitable transactions are taken into account when calculating your profit.