CopyFX - інвестиційна платформа для копіювання торгових операцій, що належить групі компаній РобоФорекс.

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Розрахунок прибутку трейдера

Traders’ profit is calculate according to two formulae, depending on the chosen cooperation scheme.

Trader on commission: <Commission> = <Volume of profitable transactions closed over the trading session> * <Commission rate of the offer>.

Trader on profit: <Commission> = (<Total profit for all transactions> - <Swaps for all transactions> - <Commissions for ECN accounts only>) * <Commission percentage of the offer>

In order to avoid hand calculating the profit you’re expecting, you can use our Commission Details.
This module can help you to view detailed statistics on the past and future payments.

Attention! Commission Details is only available for CopyFX accounts. When following the links, be sure that you’ve chosen CopyFX account in your Live Account.